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Abrasion Resistant Top

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  • Electric Design Bench with Abrasion Resistant Laminate Top - Round Front Edge.

    • Round Front Edge.
    • Electric Hydraulic Lift.
    • Meet ANSI, BIFMA, DIN and GSA Structural Standards.
    • 1,000 Lbs.Capacity (Strong Cold Rolled Steel).
    • Factory Assembly Available.
    • Adjustment Range 12".
    • Ergonomic Height Adjustable.
    • Superior Resistance To Gloss Change During Use.
    • Better Wear Value Than The Industry Standard For Laminates.
    • Retention Of Color Clarity And "Brand New" Appearance During a Much Longer Period Of The Laminates' Useful Life.
    • 100's of Accessories Available.
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1 Item(s)