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  • Designed for Datacenter applications and narrow aisles.

  • Finger tip variable speed rocker switch controls vertical speed and positions, eliminating trial and error. No more smashed components and damaged chassis

  • Easily maneuverable design increases operator speed and productivity

  • Handle and control unit pivot to either side for easy access when installing equipment in Datacenters

  • ESD safe design

  • Custom platforms available to optimize your productivity

  • Single column safe design eliminates pinch points and prevents accidents

  • Built-in crash safety sensors. If platform hits an object below it stop instantly

  • Two 24V rechargeable batteries and an external 110VAC charger included



The BlissLift can double the speed of repetitive load/unload tasks saving you time and money. Perfect for loading chassis onto storage carts and racks. Simple-to-use controls help prevent dents and scratches during product movement. Enhances worker safety reducing back injuries. Ask about Bliss heavy duty chassis carts. Two 24V rechargeable batteries included, eliminating downtime while recharging. External 110VAC charger permits you to charge offline while BlissLift is still in operation. When used with Bliss Chassis carts, an additional caster adapter plate is neeeded on the chassis cart to allow the Lifts legs to fit between the casters on the cart.

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