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  • Clear zinc plated 14 gauge cold rolled steel components

  • Can be shipped unassembled

  • 1000 lb capacity including cart frame and shelves

  • Reduces downtime during changeover and reloads. Increases throughput

  • Supports all major feeder brands

  • Protects expensive feeders from damage

  • Minimizes handling

  • Holds stencils up to 23"

  • Enclosable configurations available

  • Fully adjustable

  • Casters prevent damage to delicate feeders

  • Built in ESD protection



Bliss Feeder Carts are designed to safely store component feeders and reels. By adding an adjustable shelf, tool panel, feeder setup rack, and a wrist strap ground plug, the carts can be used as a modular feeder work center. Feeder staging carts are used at the pick & place machine or as a job cart to transport the feeders and reels from a staging area. Feeders are securely held in place. Completely surrounded by the cart frame, all feeders are protected from accidental damage. Bliss Industries has feeder racks for every feeder manufacturer. Bliss Feeder Staging Stations are designed to permit rapid changeover of feeders on pick & place machines. Exchanging feeders position-for-position, the machine can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. Previous setups can be taken down off-line after new jobs are running. Reduces down-time during changeover by as much as 1 hour. Bliss Vertical Feeder Handling Carts are designed to store and stage component feeders with a latching mechanism and component reel in a vertical position. Feeders are securely held in place. All major feeder types with a latching mechanism are supported. This style cart is ideal when production lines are separated by narrow aisles.

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