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Open Style Welded Carts, 22"

Store your component feeders and reels with our quality stencil carts. The carts hold all your feeders securely in place minimizing any chances of damage. Do not let poor quality carts damage your expensive feeders. Bliss carts are designed using high-quality steel with built in ESD protection technology to ensure you enjoy storing your feeders for years to come. Have casters, which are positioned at the bottom to help protect delicate feeders. Accommodates all feeder brands and reduces downtime of your changeover and reloads. Fully adjustable, can hold stencil of up to 29”. Available in different sizes (22 and 36 inches). The cart can be quickly transformed to a standard feeder work center by adding a feeder set up rack, adjustable shelf, wrist ground strap plug and a tool panel.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)