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ESD and Non ESD Vinyl Covers

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  • 1. ESD and Non ESD Vinyl Covers

    • Green/Black Cart Cover
    • Maximum ESD protection is provided with green/black dissipative/conductive supported vinyl cart cover.
    • Designed to shield static sensitive devices, components and sub-assemblies from ESD damage, dust and dirt during transportation and storage.
    • Green side is static dissipative black side is conductive. Covers are washable, durable, flame resistant, mildew / fungal

    resistant, reusable, form-fitted to the product.

    Surface resistivity green side 109 -1010ohms. Black side 103 -104 ohms.

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  • 2. Clear Dissipative Vinyl Cart Cover

    Clear dissipative vinyl cart covers are flame resistant and protect contents from ESD damage. Covers are optically clear and keep contents clean. Electrical properties are surface 1010ohms per square per ASTM-D257. Also available with zippers or Velcro®, pockets, imprinting. and reinforced corners. Cart cover shown with optional ESD symbol and warning on front. Learn More


  • 3. Blue Dissipative Cart Cover

    Blue translucent static dissipative covers are designed to protect product and equipment from ESD damage. Electrical properties of the static dissipative vinyl are: surface resistivity – 1010 – 1011 ohms per square per ASTM-D257. They are ideal for production area carts. Covers keep contents clean and discourage unauthorized personnel from tampering with contents. Covers also provide an economical enclosure for burning-in electrical components and equipment.Also available with zippers or Velcro®, pockets, imprinting, and reinforced corners. Learn More


3 Item(s)