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2. SOLDER PALLET CART, 36 SLOT, 24" X 60" X 49"

  • Safely stores hot or cold pallets built-in indexing

  • 36 slots

  • Conductive zinc plated steel

  • Drag chain for ESD protection

  • Fully adjustable

  • Holds stuffed PC boards in fixtures staged for wave solder

  • Pallets are stored inside the cart frame

  • Minimizes handling

  • Casters prevent harmonic vibrations which dislodge parts



Available in 30� and 60� widths, Solder Pallet Carts come standard with two fully adjustable end panels with a built-in indexing system that makes finding the right slot easy. Optional double-sided panels may be added to increase solder pallet capacity. Custom slot spacing available. Now you can safely store both hot or cold solder pallets with ease. Save time by having your solder pallets organized within easy reach, not stacked in piles. Eliminate damage or alignment problems caused by having your costly solder pallets dropped. When your solder pallets are stored flat, you can pre-stage solder pallets with the board and components already in place.

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