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Why Bliss is the better solution and purchasing decision for electronics assembly

Our value proposition
Our carts increase productivity so your manufacturing costs are lower. The cart will cost basically nothing as it will return its cost many times over by increasing profits by decreasing down time while protecting your PC boards, tooling and work in process from damage caused by mishandling. The increase in first pass yield and your newfound uptime will give you more capacity to increase your product output and make you more profitable and more competitive in your market place.

Showcase your factory
Our products create and project a high value image for your factory of quality and efficiency. Showcase your capabilities for your customers, “It really looks cool”. Nothing else even comes close. Your factory will be “dressed for success”.

We should be your first call. The right carts should not be an afterthought
Unfortunately, carts aren’t the first things that process engineers think about when setting up or changing a production line. Bliss should be your first call because our carts are meant to be a part of the process, a “tool”, not just another storage place in your facility. Our cart-based system is the connection to your automation and your people. Our carts were designed to improve your bottom line.

We have the solutions engineers have been looking for
Bliss literally has a product for every step of your process from the receiving door to the shipping door including SMT assembly, thru-hole, mechanical assembly, box build, burn-in and test. We can help you identify the specific product needed for every step of the assembly process to make it work smoother, relieve bottlenecks, and increase yields and profitability.
We’re a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

We outshine our competitors; the goal is to MAKE MORE MONEY for your company
We offer a money-making proposition. Bliss offers the best value on the market with higher quality products than any competitor. Our carts are a one-time investment; they will last a lifetime and be just as dependable as the day you purchased them. Sure you can save money by buying wire carts from our competitors, but Bliss products will actually help you make more money than our products cost. Our carts are specifically engineered to vastly improve your process, decrease your downtime, increase your final output and eliminate damage to PC Boards, feeders and chassis due to mishandling or improper storage methods.

We maximize Lean Manufacturing
We were part of the original revolution and have been using Lean Manufacturing methodologies from the books “The Goal” and “It’s Not Luck” for over 25 years. You can trust that our cart designs are well thought out and have been proven to improve process, and reduce waste, helping our customers Maximize Lean with every purchase.

We are here to help you make your factory more productive
Our website contains information and pricing on every product along with videos demonstrating how each product works. Our sales staff is fully trained to help you solve production problems. Our engineering staff can talk in technical detail with you over the phone about any custom or standard application you might need. We are your partners. Simply call us, we are happy to offer you fresh ideas on solving even your toughest production problems.

We thoroughly review all new products with existing customers to be sure we get it right. We explore what actually works and more importantly, what doesn’t work.

Try our products, call us, and let us help you improve your process.

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