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Video“The design process, using 3D drawings, was a unique experience which saved time and money ... Our assemblers are absolutely in love with the Bliss racks.”
Beckman Coulter
Carla Ratliff
Scott Gammon
Beckman Coulter


“Our prior board handling solution involved totes, which made it all too easy to knock off delicate SMT components, resulting in unacceptable defects. This has now been corrected with the Bliss Carts system, without increasing handling time. When I think of Bliss, I think of quality for a good price.”

Robert Meinert
Production Engineer
Hitachi Computer Products

“Vanner is so pleased with the Bliss Feeder Handling & Staging carts because of its major throughput enhancement to our SMT line. We use the Feeder Rack to organize our feeders off line during production runs. We preload the feeders and organize them on the Feeder Rack as required by the pick-and-place machine. These processes allow us to changeover 50 feeders and replace them in about 15 minutes.”

John Humphries
Vanner, Inc.
“I have worked with Bliss Industries over the past 8 years. We have purchased standard products that include inventory racks, feeder carts, screen carts, and feeder set-up carts. In addition Bliss Industries, has been very helpful on several custom projects. Utilizing their design and engineering expertise, we developed two unique carts for process cure pallets, and shipping trays that have significantly improved our process. We have found Bliss Industries, to be very helpful and prompt with their deliveries.”

Thomas A. Rotunno
Plant Manager
Texas Instruments

Hello Techneters,

I have already searched the archives, and there is not a lot of posts for handling boards.

Thanks in advance,

Production Engineer
Northrop Grumman Canada Corporation

From: Steve Gregory <SteveZeva@AOL.COM>
Reply-To: TechNet@IPC.ORG
Subject: Circuit Card Handling

Hi Jason!

We use Bliss Tray carts here exclusively. I've been using them for years.

Tilt-racks, and adjustable slide racks cause so much damage ripping parts off if operators aren't careful and actually look how the assemblies sit in these things.

I highly recommend tray carts!

Steve Gregory-

From: "Morse, Carrie" <CMorse@CIRTRONICS.COM>
Reply-To: "TechNet E-Mail Forum." <TechNet@IPC.ORG>,
Subject: Circuit Card Handling

We use "Pallets". These are ESD foam backed with a rigid ESD material. The pallets come in all sizes and shapes. Some have sides, some are stackable. The plus side to these is the visibility. It's easy to see what's on them.

The downside -- They do get worn and dirty over time and there is a risk of cross contamination with flux if not careful. I suppose that's a risk with anything that will be transported to a cleaning process.

Totes can also be used where the boards can be slid in and out. I've seen components get ripped off the board if not spaced properly though. The plus side to these is that they have a cover to protect from dust, and, product may be shipped in them or stored.

Tray's are also an option. The trays can be placed into rolling carts and moved around. Again, the risk of contamination needs to be brought up. The trays need to be washed periodically and should have a protective mat on them to prevent damage to "bottom side" components. Trays are best for larger lots where the pallets mentioned above work well for us as we build in very small lots (4-20 boards/lot)